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Corporate Wellness Programs

Research has shown that employee productivity falls with poor health, let alone sickness absentee costs. Corporate Wellness Programs have been proven to assist in improving productivity, engagement & morale, absenteeism and retention.

SiSU Wellness can help your workplace through providing a scalable, cost effective employee health support platform that;

  • Engages your employees in their heath.

  • Benchmarks your employees health profile vs global peers.

  • Identifies key risks and support targeted interventions.

  • Measures change and health intervention efficacy.


“It’s in the interests of everyone to have these important conversations about healthcare at work. SiSU Health Stations are one simple but powerful tool businesses can use to engage and support their staff to become empowered in managing their health.”

- Stroke Foundation, Executive Director Stroke Services



Why choose SiSU Wellness over other health and wellbeing programs?

We provide an end-to-end health platform, combined with machine generated health metrics. Not only do you receive our SiSU Health Station to measure your biometric measurements, you also have 24/7 access to our online SiSU Portal. You can access programs such as meal plans, stress resilience, exercise plans and many more.

Evidence shows there is human bias with self reported platforms. We provide real biometric results so you can Measure, Track and Improve your health.

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