We have a global NPS of +66 and 86% of users gave us a customer satisfaction rating of 8+/10

“We were delighted to have the station on site as it started some very healthy competition and conversations are BMI and Heart Ages! One member of staff ended up going to his GP on the back of the information received and this resulted in him being assessed for a significant cardiac condition which otherwise might have gone undetected before it was too late.”
— Vhi Healthcare


In the last 2 years we've conducted more than 2 million Health Checks



“This is excellent stuff, the data breakdown is really impressive. What I do like is the fact that we have been able to get our employees engaged in their wellbeing and highlight to them some positive and/or negative aspects to their health and from this, have been able to refer them on to their GP for further advice, capturing early onset and being able to prevent any longer term poor health for our staffs, is fantastic.”

- Smith & Nephew UK


"I have never been able to find somewhere that provides meal plans for BOTH gluten free and fructose friendly together - so thank you, it's amazing!! I even went to a dietician and didn't get anything anywhere near as good as this!

— Melissa L


“I have used this machine a few times and I think it is a wonderful idea that would promote more self awareness about ones body and health.”

- Dr. S.A

“It’s the best thing the company have ever done for health and wellbeing !  Well over 2,000 people have used them in the first couple of weeks.” 

- Bentley Motors UK


"I wasn't happy when the Health Station told me I had high blood pressure, but my doctor recently confirmed it. Since then, I've really cleaned up my diet and started exercising to get my numbers down."

— Yeong


"It’s a great machine. Easy to operate and great for people with busy lives that do not always have the time to see their doctor etc.  I will def use it regularly.Please don’t take it away! many thanks.”

- Hazel

"We've had great feedback from customers who have been too time poor to go to the doctors and find it very useful to be able to check their health status in a supermarket. Also, a few customers have said they'll shop with us from now on just so they can keep track of their health."

— Shirin B


"I love it, don’t have scales or anything at home so I find it really useful. I try to use it every 2 weeks if I can. It has influenced my health as I have more of an incentive now to change my habits, especially after Christmas!" 

- Imogen


"Just to register with you that I have found the Health Station extremely useful.

I do use it regularly (monthly).

I have also dragged family in at weekends to use the machine!!"

- Janice

"My heart age went down from 65 to 59, and I have lost weight. I have really, REALLY appreciated this machine."

— Noleen G


"I have used this Health Station several times and I am monitoring my weight and BMI through it. I find it really helpful as I went to a clinical area to check my weight before this was in place. I have the records sent to my email to check my progress. It’s a real asset."

- Denise


"Yes I’ve used the machine about 4 times. Very useful and informative – I understand more about the results and what they mean.

I use it to improve my health and try and get higher in my rank of men in my age group. I’ve told other staff who’ve used it since. It’s changed my attitude to health – I eat and drink differently and I go to a gym."

- Kurt



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