Smoky chilli mushroom subs

Feeds 6


4 tbsp Thai sweet chilli sauce

1 and a half tbsp Smoked paprika

Quater of a tsp of Ground cumin

1 tsp Olive oil

6 Flat mushrooms, wiped clean, stalks trimmed

6 White Sourdough rolls, split lengthwise

60g Watercress, spinach and rocket salad

100g Feta, crumbled


  1. Light the barbecue or heat a griddle pan over a high heat.

  2. Mix the sweet chilli sauce, paprika, ground cumin and oil together.

  3. Lightly brush the mushrooms with the mixture, wiping off any excess, which could catch and burn.

  4. Reserve the remaining sauce.

  5. Cook the mushrooms stalk-side down for 5 mins, then carefully flip them over and cook for a further 5 mins.

  6. Remove to a warm plate.

  7. Griddle the bread rolls, cut-side down, for a few seconds to heat through and char slightly.

  8. Thickly slice the mushrooms and pour any cooking juices into the chilli sauce.

  9. Top half the roll halves with the mushrooms and drizzle with the smoky chilli sauce.

  10. Add a few leaves to each, sprinkle with Feta and top with the remaining bun halves to serve.

VegetarianHannah Micich