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A Unique Program for Partners

We've demonstrated weight loss, blood pressure reduction, smoking reduction and more across large populations.

We've conducted more than 7.1 million Health Checks using our self-serve Health Stations. With a rating of 8+/10.

Our business intelligence has delivered actionable insights from robust machine-generated data globally.


Your business

Research has shown that employee productivity falls with poor health, let alone sickness absence costs. Workplace health programs have been proven to assist in improving productivity, engagement & morale, absenteeism and retention.

SiSU Wellness can help your workplace through providing a scalable, cost effective employee health support platform that;

  • Engages your employees in their heath
  • Benchmarks your employee health profile vs global peers
  • Identifies key risks and support targeted interventions
  • Measures change and health intervention efficacy.


Your retail environment

Consumers are more conscious of their health than ever before. As a result, consumers are taking a more proactive approach to the management and treatment of their own health. SiSU Wellness provides the opportunity for your business to benefit from this increased health engagement, and position itself as the destination of choice for health and wellbeing.

SiSU Wellness can help your business, through providing a personalised health support platform that;

  • Engages your customers in their heath and increases customer loyalty
  • Consistently sees customers rate the service 8+/10 (86% of over 250,000 to date), with an NPS of 65, building customer trust
  • Helps drive store traffic, promotes dwell time and influences basket spend
  • Provides invaluable anonymous insights into your customer base.

We're currently partnering with many of the world's largest organisations, to help them achieve their health & wellbeing goals.