Our Why

We are dedicated to helping every single person become their best self and live better.

We use our data to grow and evolve our products to best help you and those in our society achieve their health goals. We do not share or sell our data as we respect the trust our users place in us when sharing their personal biometrics. 

Together we are making a positive and powerful change in our community!

Our core beliefs:

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We believe that working with integrity is a prerequisite for our business and something we will never compromise.



Our community is the reason why we strive to measure, track and improve the health of everyone in our society.



We understand that achieving your goals can be challenging, we recognise that when we stand together and support each other great things can happen.



Creativity and relentless innovation is essential to our DNA. It propels us to find new ways of helping everyday people achieve their health goals.


Our People


We believe that it is the people that make an organisation great. SiSU Wellness is a team of diverse minds working together to achieve one goal. We believe true collaboration translates to big ideas; we are a collection of Data, IT, Marketing and Operations professionals who strive to make our workplace and community great!