Everybody knows that fruit and vegetables are good for you, but do we really know how much we are consuming?

Nutrition Australia Vic CEO Lucinda Hancock says “despite the latest studies and recurring healthy eating messages only 4% of Australian’s are eating enough vegetables, with a whopping 99% of children missing out on the essential nutrients they provide”.

The benefits that they provide also are much greater then just fuelling your body; trials have demonstrated that eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables has benefits for your mental health, showing improvements in mood and reducing the risk of depression across your lifespan. Eating a balanced diet also may have long term benefits in keeping our memories sharp as we age.

It’s been shown that fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds are frequently replaced with processed foods packed with an abundance of unhealthy fats, salt and sugars. Nutritious food fuels our brains and bodies; however, our tendency to reach for convenience foods, as opposed to the balanced diet, is resulting in many of us not meeting basic dietary requirements and a nation soaring in diet related health issues ranging from obesity and diabetes to heart disease and stroke and mental health a recent addition.

Try for 5 encourages healthy behavioural changes with the simple message of ‘Small Change, Big Gains’. We understand that to make a change transition successful it needs to be as easy and as hassle free as possible. To help you on your Try for 5 journey we have a few vegetable based recipes for you to try this week!

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