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Eat, drink & be merry

Indulging in and sharing with friends and family an array of festive food and drink is deliciously delightful. To skimp on the feasting is to deny tradition. Overindulge however and bloated, hungover, tired and irritable, good cheer doesn’t stand a chance and the whole shooting match can become an effort and a chore.

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Junk food

It’s no secret that junk food is somewhat lacking in nutritional value – ‘junk’ doesn’t refer to the flavour. Yet every day across the world people line up at the counters, hand over their cash and are instantly presented with a meal.

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Danger of diet pills

You may have seen the tragic story of a young girl who died following an overdose of diet pills. Two pills would have been enough to have had a fatal effect according to experts. So are any weight loss pills really safe? And should we ever trust anything we buy online?

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